Berkman Island on Second Life: Avatars on Avatar Marketing

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Discovered Berkman Island in Second Life!
(Click through to the larger version to read the poster)

I've been going to meetings on information island at the TechSoup area in Second Life where a small group of avatars interested in nonprofits and Second Life have been busy working on some exciting plans spearheaded by Susan Tenby of TechSoup.   (Next meeting is Friday at 10:30 a.m. PST at the TechSoup Office).

So, I volunteered some time to work with Emily Commerce and  Lyre Calliope on researching and compiling the nonprofit directory on Second Life - which is not an easy thing do for a newbie avatar because my skills are still very basic, but easy because there aren't a lot of nonprofits on SL quite yet. 

So, I was delighted to discover that Harvard's Berkman Center will have a presence in Second Life.  There is an event taking place on Friday on topic of "Avatar-Based Marketing" as a conversation between avatars moderated by Ansible Berkman.   You can read the details here from Wagner James Au's New World Notes Blog.

I immediately teleported to Berkman Island today to see if what the place looked like and ran right into Ansible Berkman.   I reserved my seat.  As I ran snapping my tourist photo of the poster for my learning journal (which I keep on Flickr), Ansible mentioned that uploading Second Life snapshots on Flickr is controversal.  He pointed me to this Wired article.

If anyone has been following my flickr stream lately, they will notice perhaps a few dozen Second Life snapshots in my 2,000 or so RL ("real life") photos of my kids - less than 1-2%.  So, perhaps my photos won't be censored from the public search.  And, darn, a few like this one may not make it into the public Cambodian group.  And reading the article, I wonder if the scans of my kid's drawings would also be a violation of the policy.  It will be interesting to watch how this is all resolved and how many people turn into Flickr haters.

All that aside, I can't wait to experience this virtual event ...