Building a decentralized charity website

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Hi everybody,

As this is my first blog, let me first introduce myself:

Julius HuijnkMy name is Julius Huijnk and as a 4'th year student Interaction Design, I’m interested in all human related subjects, creativity, media. I’m taking the EMMA program at the HKU in Hilversum, the Netherlands.

Two weeks ago, I started my project and I came across this website and the vibe I get from it, really fits great in what I'd like to do with my project. I contacted, and Britt Bravo encouraged me to post a blog.

So what's this project I'm working on?

I am going to build a website that can facilitate people to help the world in a better way. Taking the openness of Wikipedia and adding the social network aspect, I'm going to create a website that has the potential to be a chartiy guide that not only contains every charity in the world, but also is the home of an energetic community that will change the world for the better.

If my main goal is to facilitate people to change the world for the better,

then what’s in for the users?

  • An easy way to find the charities that fits their intentions.
  • A platform where they can help building towards a better world.
  • A place to get connected with others that share their goals & intentions.

What’s in it for the charities?

  • A stage where they can present themselves to the world.
  • Get quality feedback on their efforts.
  • Get connected with other simular charities that share their goals.
  • Generate more donations out of a more successful way of presenting themselves.

My exams are in September but if this charity site is really taking of it obviously means the project will run beyond that. is the weblog I use to inform and interact with the world about my project.

One of the key parts of the project is that it's ambitious in it's goals. I write "I am going to build a website that ..", like it's an easy one man job, but the truth is, I need help with this. As I'm reading on this website I see a lot of people with good intentions and good skills. Perhaps I can find some help here?

In general, I'd really like some feedback on my project. Then, I'd like some dedicated help to build this website and community. That's still months away, first I'm gathering more research as I quickly need to make myself an expert on social networking, charities, database design and perhaps XML, integration with Google Maps, etc.

That might sound hard, and it will be hard work, but on the other hand it's not difficult, because it's easy to be motivated if your changing the world and there is still so much creative work to do. If you have any expertise on one of these issues and/or you would like to help in some way, please contact me or post a commont.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this and hope to hear from you,