Web 2.0 Event on TechSoup

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Hey folks, next week is a big week on TechSoup as we are hosting our Web 2.0 online events.  The event focuses on the the Impact of Web 2.0 on the Nonprofit Community.

We're going to be running it from October 24 (Monday)  through October 28 (Friday).  Its free and can be found in the TechSoup Emerging Technologies forum.

We will discuss issues such as:
*What is Web 2.0?
*How can you use an RSS feed to receive information and share your own content with others?
*What on earth is a wiki? How is it better than the old-fashioned Web site?
*What is tagging, and how is it relevant? How can you learn from others' Web searches?
*What are widgets, and how can these new tools help you solve old problems?
*How can an online social network help your organization find volunteers?

Join me, Marnie Webb, and a host of leading Web technology advocates as they demystify Web 2.0 technologies and illustrate how using new socially-oriented technological innovations can help the nonprofit community. Technologies such as tagging, social bookmarking, online social networks, blogging, content sharing through wikis and RSS, and new Web widgets need not only be in the hands of well-funded developers; organizations can use them to further their missions.

This event will give practical tips, models, resources, and tools for bringing collaborative technologies and processes to your own organization.

See you there!  - John