Open Source comes to education in a big way

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I just saw that Sun is spinning off (is that a solar flare?) its open source education project designed to open up educational resources for primary and secondary schools to the masses.  A quote from a recent eWeek article, titled, Sun Spins Off Education Project as a Nonprofit on the subject says:

"The goal of GELC is to amass a collection of free online textbooks, assessment tools and teaching resources—including proven best practices for teachers. Nelson said GELC's focus will initially be on math and science education content for primary and secondary teachers. The community will use a model based on the Java Community Process to govern what content is added to the collection."

 Looks interesting.   This is really nice to see... however, since they are using a community model to govern content, it'll be interesting to see the make up of the materials... imagine, open-source history.