Upcoming Events with a Collaborative Theme: Web of Change, Wiser Tuesday, & Radical Collaboration

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Web of Change:

What is Web of Change?

"Web of Change has become the leading convener of North America's social change and technology community. Our flagship retreat — Web of Change at Hollyhock — connects the senior leaders in this vibrant space for a 4 night intensive retreat, September 23rd — 27th, 2009.

Web of Change provides senior technology and social media leaders with the opportunity to share their world-class work, ideas, and inspiration with a powerful community of deeply committed peers. This is a transformative event that:

  • pushes the edges of technical and campaign innovation

  • models a culture of deep collaboration already present in our sector

  • shares leading organizational change and leadership frameworks

  • all in service to the transformative change our world and our communities so desperately need

Interested? Check out the Registration page for more info. To get on our invite list please send an email to info@webofchange.com."

Note: I will be joining the Web of Change community this year and would love to explore & connect with you there!

Paris Wiser Tuesday

What are Wiser Tuesdays?

"WiserTuesdays are a collaboration between WiserEarth and NetSquared. Wiser Tuesdays are free monthly gatherings where nonprofits, social and environmental changemakers and web innovators can:

  • exchange and learn about best practices especially related to using web technology for social change

  • share what they are working on as well as their passions and ideas for changing the world

  • share resources

  • build friendships and alliances with like-minded people and with others working on similar issues

  • work on initiatives or projects together"

Interested? Join the Paris Wiser Tuesday Meetup Group to stay connected & get updates on the next event!

Radical Collaboration

What is Radical Collaboration?

Radical Collaboration is itself a collaboration between GenGreen, 3rdWhale and Creative Citizen happening August 20, 2009 from 6-10pm in San Francisco.

"The goal of this event is to inspire partnerships, resource sharing and cooperation. By bringing together the leaders in the environmental movement we seek to catalyze radical collaboration within the room and beyond. Prepare to discover new methods for working together with the goal of advancing your organization and increasing the collective strength of our Green Movement."

Interested? This is an invitation-only event. If you wish to be considered for an invitation, email who you are and why you want to/should be there to: info@3rdWhale.com (Thanks Paul Smith for the info!)


What do you think? Do you see a common collaborative force behind these events How would you describe it? What event features or formats stand out as facilitating collaboration? What other like-minded events are happening in this space (like Opportunity Collaboration)? How do we connect the conversations from these events together and spur more of them? (This is something I'm very excited about and looking forward to having more conversations around!)