Christine Herron's Top Ten Mashups for Social Change

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"Based on the contest's voting guidelines, I voted for projects that would get the most bang for the buck out of combining mashed-up data, exposing it intelligently to the public, and giving communities the opportunity to leverage that information towards change. Many projects provided interesting information, but didn't put a lever into the individual's hand. Alternatively, other projects provided great depth of participation, but not in a way that would scale to multiple communities..."

Christine Herron took the time to review all of the Net2 Mashups and published her picks for the top ten mashups early last week. Read Christine's post in full here.

Christine is a venture advisor for First Round Capital and an independent startup consultant. Previously, Christine was a director at Omidyar Network, where she invested in participatory content systems (such as

Note: I am honored and sincerely appreciative that KnowMore's mashup was included on this list.