Breaking: #nptech cares more about world changes than Facebook changes

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if we want it to...

Climate Change and Moving the Planet Beyond Fossil Fuels

Occupy Wall Street & Changing the System

"The technology we need most badly is the technology of community." -Bill Mckibben

Nonprofit technologists were never about mere nonprofit technology -- but about people thinking differently and innovatively about creating whole new models for social change. NTEN wasn't designed to run webinars forever; Techsoup wasn't designed to sell old Microsoft products ad infinitum. Yes, we have much to learn about the latest technology -- and seemingly always will. But technology was never an end, but the means.

In a year of transformative change, are we called to look beyond Facebook changes? Are this year's rising social movements getting big and beautiful enough to warrant our solidarity and support? What would happen if more of the world's top "social media for change" evangelizers put their shoulders behind the uprisings that could change everything?