Tagging for Nonprofits

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I am so thrilled that NetSquared includes a community blog. I've been wondering where I might take my inquiry about nonprofit-related tagging. I became interested in this topic when I started tagging my own blog (http://jillaine.blogspot.com/2005/12/intersection-of-all-these-tools.html)

While the nptech tag (http://del.icio.us/tag/nptech) has taken off quite nicely, what about other tags for nonprofit-related activities? My own work with nonprofits (as a consultant) is at the intersection of various fields or practices, only one of which is "nptech."

These other fields and practices, however, do not appear to have their own tagging scheme, or have not yet appeared (consistently if at all) in the tagging "folksonomy."  Yet as I enter this world of tagging, I find myself in need of at least three overlapping categories of tags (I've included the tags I'm using underneath them--many of which I've created):

  1. nonprofit
    nptech, nonprofit, nonprofit_communications, nonprofit_management, nonprofit_publications (NPQ, NPT, SSIR, PNN, Gilbert, etc.-- I realize this is already problematic; I made it mean publications ABOUT nonprofits <em>not</em> publications <em>by</em> nonprofits), npo_consultants (which I adopted from Marnie, 501c3blogosphere (ditto), ngo, ntap, foundations, ctc, community_technology, nptech_advocacy.
  2. social change (which may but not always include nonprofits, technology)
    netcentric_advocacy (I was surprised this tag did not yet exist), activism, advocacy, civil_engagement, civic_engagement, social_networks, organizing, online_advocacy, online_civic_engagement, social_change
  3. organizational effectiveness / capacity building (which also may but not always include nonprofits, technology)
    technical_assistance, technology_assistance, management, leadership, communications, marketing, internet_strategy, strategic_planning, technology_planning, facilitation, od, organization_development, organizational_development (ugh), teambuilding, teamwork, evaluation, mindmapping, process_mapping, benchmarks


[BTW, I also created, for myself, a tag called "intersection"-- in great part for tagging those resources out there that I feel inform the intersection of my work-- as well as the work of others. Others are certainly welcome to use it.]

I realize, however, that these tags will only be effective-- as nptech has-- if a number of us who are working in the social change and nonprofit-capacity-building field are using the same tags.

What will it take to reach an agreement about how to tag our work that falls outside of nptech but at least in those three categories above (and there may very well be others, or we may wish to break those down further)... and what obstacles do we need to be wary of?

I look forward to the exchange...

 -- Jillaine Smith
Washington DC