List of Digital Marketing Tools & 10 Step Social Media Assessment

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As part of my recent transition from my digital marketing/social media job to the nonprofit sector, I decided to put together a list of digital marketing/social media tools and a 10 step social media assessment for nonprofits to keep my brain working in high gear. I had found that a lot of the "top social media tools" type lists that you can come across online often seem to be either way too high level, listing tools that everyone already knows about, or they list very specific tools that may not be useful for the majority of organizations.  I tried focus my list on tools that I have actually used and can see the great value in for any organization (and really any small to mid size businesses as well). In any case, these documents were just sitting on SlideShare and just thought I'd share them after seeing Amy Sample Ward's wonderful presentation on community driven social impact at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in July. 

Hope someone finds these resources useful, I'd certainly love to hear from others on additional social media/digital marketing tools that you would recommend!