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New Features on Pinterest You Should Know About

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Pinterest has been busy!

Reaching 70 million users and 2.5 billion monthly pageviews, Pinterest has been growing like a weed – a very popular weed that marketing professionals should not ignore.

We all know why I love Pinterest, especially for nonprofits. My top 3 reasons:

1)     Pinterest is growing leaps and bounds.

2)     Pinterest is where women are, and women tend to give more to charity on average.

5 Ways Facebook Graph Search Will Help Nonprofits

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Earlier this month Facebook rolled out its newest tool, Graph Search, to the hundreds of millions of U.S. users and others who use the “American English” version. (Other languages and demographics are going to follow quickly.)

Why would Facebook make yet another change, some ask? The answer is simple.

Facebook Graph Search is critical to its continuing relevance and success.

Nonprofits, don’t be afraid to “think small” on social media

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Much has been written about the importance of creating, testing and measuring large scale, all-encompassing social media strategies for nonprofits.

Creating a plan and a strategy for your social media efforts is certainly important.

But the reality remains – for many small-shop nonprofits, this kind of large-scale, long-term planning can be intimidating.

So what can you do on a smaller scale?

You may need to raise the entirety of your annual budget each year. You may be focused on a capital campaign. You may have a shelter to run and mouths to feed.


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