January Update for NetSquared Organizers — What Does the Future Hold for Nonprofits?

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This update is for NetSquared group leaders. Apply to start your own local chapter

It's 2020! If you are old like me you might remember a time when the future was so bright we had to wear shades. But now that the future is here it's actually just confusing. ;-)

Let's help nonprofits find some clarity by hosting a series of events to help them decode the big changes in digital, starting with a digital marketing and technology trends meetup.

Suggested Event Topics


Upcoming Webinars

Free Access to TechSoup Courses

Learn about TechSoup Courses and how you can get free access as a NetSquared organizer.

Highlights from the TechSoup Catalog

Three program managers from TechSoup share highlights from TechSoup's global catalog of tech offerings.

RSVP: 9:00 AM PT. Thursday, February 13. (find your local time)

Disaster Planning and Recovery for Nonprofits

We will offer tips on making this your next event topic.

RSVP: 9:00 AM PT. Wednesday, March 11. (find your local time)


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