Easily Create and Post Video to Your Blog with Utterli tool

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Hey Everybody, Hope your team won this weekend (my G-Men brought it home in OT!)

Okay, so your trillion dollar budget dried up and now you don't have that sweet video lab with staff of seventeen anymore to get your video posted online. Life can be cruel sometimes, and Puffs with Lanolin is your best friend...but, wait, ne'er fear, Utterli is here. Utterli is a app that can be used to post audio and video to the web using your computer, mobile device, cell phone (and possibly more - I only dug as deep as using my laptop at this point.)

This post will be the first of the Tool Shed series describing why and how to use web apps. In this post I'll explain how to register, use Utterli, capture video, and post it to your blog. Using this tool will enrich your user experience on your blog by providing you an easily manageable, free tool that puts your face, voice and body language on your blog, thus channeling that human element that is sometimes lost in many social utilities. BEWARE - this post is a long 'un, so set aside some time...

First, you'll need a computer with internet connectivity, a webcam or built in camera (I'm working with a built in cam on a Dell Inspiron 1525), audio recording (again, I have it built it, but I'm thinking an external mic or headset should serve), a blog to post video to, and patience. Hopefully my trial and error (which wasn't too painful and can be seen on the sample blog http://samplingutterz.blogspot.com/) will save you some time.

Second, use IE - I tried using the newest Firefox browser, but it didnt work with Utterli's video recording app (bad, bad Firefox! No! No!)

Third, go to www.utterli.com and create an account - it is free. After you've completed your profile, find the APPS & WIDGETS tab in the dashboard (see image below). Check out all the blog service providers they list and click on the one that you're using. Follow the directions by inputting all the data they request. Unfortunately, some services don't yet work with the Utterli widget (in some instances, you can make it work IF your blog is hosted by a private provider, as is the case with Wordpress.) For my example, I set up a Blogger blog to do a dry run of Utterli, but I plan to put it up on my personal Wordpress blog which is hosted independently - so when I get that done, I'll do a follow up to this post with the how-to.

Fourth, click on the WIDGET GALLERY in the sub-tabs (see image below). You have 3 choices - Classic, Nano, and Sidebar. Choose the one you want and fill out the information requested, especially the URL of your site. Click GENERATE.

Fifth, after clicking GENERATE, you will be provided an EMBED code in the PLAYER HTML field (see image below.) Copy this code. As well, you'll be given EMBED INSTRUCTIONS for your specific blog service provider (my example is for Blogger.) Follow the directions, they really aren't too difficult - I recommend keeping the Utterli EMBED INSTRUCTIONS window for you specific blog open in a separate browser window so you can refer to them as you perform the necessary steps.

Sixth - remember, this is Blogger specific - go to your Blogger blog and access the dashboard, click on the LAYOUT tab, and click on the ADD A GADGET 'box'. This brings up a pop-up window - scroll down in the pop-up and select HTML/JAVASCRIPT. This brings up another pop-up - create a title (ex: Widget) and then paste the EMBED code into the CONTENT window. Click SAVE and you'll see that a new 'box' named after the title of your widget has been added to your ADD AND ARRANGE PAGE ELEMENTS screen - that is your widget.

Seventh - Return to your Uttleri HOME page and you'll see a WHAT ARE YOU DOING? window with AUDIO/PIC/VIDEO options (see image below.) Click on VIDEO. When you see the RECORD VIDEO button, be certain your tools are in place and plugged in, click on it, then it will ask you to ALLOW the camera to be accessed - click ALLOW, then click the little red dot in the corner. Then it's 1...2...3...action!

When you're done, stop recording and SEND. The screen will refresh, so don't panic when it goes blank and begins reloading in pieces. After that you need to wait ten minutes while the video is PROCESSING. If you've chosen CROSS POST when you registered your blog, it should feed directly to the widget.

Okay...applaud yourselves, you made it to the end. If you hit any glitches along the way, hit me up with a comment here. As well, the staff at Utterli respond pretty quickly and quite helpfully if you contact them on their site at: http://www.utterli.com/feedback

If you do use this tool, please share your success with us by writting about your blog here at NetSquared. Peace...James