- linking our collective efforts

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So after attending my first Netsquared meetup last night in San Francisco I thought I would log on to say thanks and share what I've been working on.   I recently created in the hopes that it could give some longevity to online campaigns as well as harness more of our collective resources.

My intent is to have the site chronicle and connect our efforts for different social ends. Whether it is fighting for same sex marriage or protecting the internet, over time there will be millions of people working on thousands of important events to achieve these goals and I think we ought to start chronicling them. A main aspect of the site is that every new goal that a user submits should be given a swanky ajax timeline where all sorts of past, present, or future events can be posted and documented by the community. My hope is that if a network of people can better see their full collective history, then perhaps they will be more prepared for their future.

It runs off of Mediawiki and the Semantic MediaWiki extension which provides the timelines and much of the other functionality. It is still all very much in the dreamy phase but I thought I would start letting people know about it.   Please feel free to use it and track any social goals you like with it.   Perhaps it will be helpful for you or become a good tool for your organizations constituency.

Thanks again for my first Netsquared Meetup and for letting me share this.