I'm Thankful for the NetSquared Ambassadors

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Here’s a tidbit from the NetSquared organizer survey: Net2 organizers who receive Ambassador help rate their support 4.7 out of 5.

NetSquared Ambassadors are Loved!

That’s sky high approval for the Ambassador program (and higher than my approval ratings with the organizers!) The Ambassadors are responsible for monthly outreach to their team, holding a regional gathering for organizers in their territory, and recruiting new organizers.

December will be the final month of the current term of the NetSquared Ambassadors and I’m really grateful for the huge contributions of this year’s team (plus the alumni and others who are in regional support roles). A special thanks goes to:

  • Birgit Pauli-Haack in Naples, USA who is supporting the Eastern half of the USA (and who planned the NYC gathering in September)
  • Robert Kibaya in Mukono, Uganda who has recruited and supported a growing network of subchapters and also led the East Africa gathering team
  • Siddharth Bannerjee in London, United Kingdom who has helped us build relationships across the UK and Europe, including a regional gathering in London
  • Rachel Kurzyp in Melbourne, Australia who represented NetSquared at the Connecting Up conference in Adelaide (before, sadly, having to step down early in her term)

You can read more about this amazing team of super-volunteers on the NetSquared blog: http://www.netsquared.org/blog/presenting-2015-netsquared-regional-ambassadors

The enormous growth of NetSquared (18% more active groups in the last year) can be directly attributed to the NetSquared Ambassadors – their local connections and knowledge enable them to supplement my support in a way that is increasing organizer retention and engagement. 

Again, join me in thanking the huge volunteer contributions of the NetSquared organizers.