How NCTech4Good helped a member of our group using income from our conferences

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I am delighted to report that NCTech4Good, a NetSquare Local Group, bought a laptop for Janet Bauer’s project “I’m A Great Child Worldwide” to use teaching children in extreme poverty in the slums of Kenya, using income from our conferences.

Janet posted to the NCTech4Good email list: "I have been to several of your great events and was thinking that you might know of someone who could give a used laptop for a Kenyan who teaches children in extreme poverty in the slums? I have a nonprofit based here and the program is used in many slums and villages in 3 African countries."

Several members replied with offers of help, including the donation of a laptop. The laptop was old, the battery wouldn’t charge, and a good battery was needed because electricity is not available much in the slums. NCTech4Good has made a small profit from each of our three conferences and I’ve been wondering how we could use that money to help members. Buying a battery seemed like a good idea, but the computer is about 8 years old. Janet and I thought it might be better to buy and inexpensive new computer. We found a very nice computer at Intrex, an Acer Aspire AS5250, for $379, and I bought it. Janet will take it with her to Africa this fall and plans to report back to our group when she returns.

NCTech4Good is fortunate to have excellent sponsorship which, combined with conference registration fees, has provided us with a small income from each of our three conferences. Our 2012 sponsors are listed in the sidebars of our website (  and our pages .

I hope to see more situations where member’s skills and resources can help local nonprofits.

NCTech4Good will be working on guidelines for future financial support of local nonprofits.