How Do We Communicate NetSquared's Values?

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NetSquared Ground Rules slide - the "We" version

How do we propagate NetSquared's values? With more than 120 independent groups in 41 countries it can be challenging to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

So in partnership with the NetSquared Ambassadors and Welcoming Team I've distilled TechSoup's and NetSquared's values into The Five Commandments. Groups will show this slide at the beginning of each event to set the ground rules and offer clarity on our values. Organizers are encouraged to expand on each point for their attedees. Explain what these values mean to you and the community you're convening. 

NetSquared's Ground Rules

  • We welcome everyone
  • We put community first
  • We build stronger nonprofits
  • We invite participation
  • We treat each other with kindness and respect

Local groups are encouraged to draft their own code of conduct, but you can start with the ground rules. :-)