Highlights From the Last Six Months of NetSquared

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What are the recent highlights from the NetSquared community? Here’s my 2.5 minute summary video

  1. We measured our impact — and we’re making a difference!
  2. The community continues to grow, with Nigeria emerging as the newest hotspot
  3. NetSquared leaders are hosting conversations on the necessity of responsible technology use.

Start your own NetSquared group — it's super fun!

And if you hate watching video here's the slides and video transcript.

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Hi, it's Eli the NetSquared Community Manager.Join me for a lightning tour of the highlights from the last six months of NetSquared.

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First, surveys from our members show that we're making a real difference.

Second, our community continues to grow — especially in the traditional hubs of the USA and the UK, with Nigeria now joining as a major force. And most interesting of all, our groups are now hosting community conversations around the future of technology and society.

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I love this tweet from our Tampa leader. It really captures the HOW and the WHY of NetSquared.

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Here's the big ol' map I bring out every quarter. As you can see we've added or reactivated 23 groups and they're scattered all across the globe.

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Keeping to the theme of numbers, here's all the activity from the last six months.

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Here's a testimonial I really love. Anytime we can help a member persuade their Board to invest in digital transformation that's a real win.

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Our group leaders are sharing best practices on the NetSquared blog. Recent hits have include a guide to the Otter transcription software and a series of posts on how to run a great meetup and find sponsors.

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Here's that impact survey I teased. We're helping our members develop the connections to grow their career and giving them the practical skills to make better technology decisions.

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I'm dropping in one more testimonial. I can tell you all day that NetSquared is

amazing, but it's more convincing when it comes from one of the attendees.

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Usually the most popular events are around social media and digital marketing, but a fascinating new trend has emerged where NetSquared groups become the center-point for community conversations around the responsible use of technology.

In the last six months the dialog has been around everything from homelessness to how Elders can use technology.

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Looking forward, I'm paying attention to the future of Meetup, our core events platform. And I'm continuing to plant the seeds for a potential rebranding of the community, integrating it more deeply into TechSoup.

That's all for now — we'll talk again in six months at the End of Year report.