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10, 9, 8, 7, 7, 7, 7 - Waiting for Re-launch

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Recently I wrote this blog about relaunching the Melbourne NetSquared group.  It has been inactive for a couple of years.

I tweeted, facebooked and emailed the over 500 members.  A few new people signed up and I eargerly watched the RSVPs feeling sure that I'd get at least 20 interested people.

As it happens, I managed 6 RSVPs and one of them was me.  Regardless, I thought, I'd push on and make a start.

Rebooting a Group

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Somehow I stumbled across the NetSquared community, there was a call for new leadership in my city, Melbourne.

I didn't know about NetSquared, so hunted around a bit on the net and read a few stories.

One of the things that has been missing in my long association within the nonprofit sector was connection to other ICT professionals, ways to explore new technology and to be able to talk with others about the barriers that keep coming up for small NFPs.

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