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Green Map Global Archive Launching March 27 in NYC

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On Wednesday, March 27, join Green Map System for the launch of the Green Map Archive, now officially housed in the New York Public Library’s esteemed Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division.

Now, hundreds of locally published Green Maps and materials will continue to support sustainable community development for many years to come.


Green Map Goes Mobile

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Take Green Map With You!

Joining the mobile revolution, Green Map System has two new resources for green living - a mobile website and the first Green Map iPhone App! 

Ideal for locals and tourists alike, both are free and feature the beta version of "What's Green Nearby?™" a handy tool for connecting with green resources on the go. 

Gain a unique insight into the work and outcomes of locally-led Green Map projects of over 600 projects in 55 countries with Version 1.0 of the iPhone App. Explore Green Maps, videos, photos, Twitter,  blog and much more. 

Green Maps in Flickr

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At, our newest mapmaking resource is an interactive platform and social networking website. The Open Green Map has mashed-up Flickr's API code, allowing to us to showcase images of green living sites, natural and cultural resources submitted by Mapmakers and the website's users around the world.

Open Green Map, Phase 2

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Green Map's Summer TeamPost-NetSquared, Summer's been lots of fun at Green Map as our team grew. By the end of July, we completed Phase 1, and opened the website to our network of locally-led Green Map projects. In the few days since, the first 35 maps are being charted and about 1000 sites have been charted.

Open Street Map party at Green Map in NYC, June 28-29

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At NetSquared 3, Thomas and Wendy of Green Map System got to know more about the OpenStreetMap project and parties from Mikel Maron & Andrew Turner. This is a kind of wikipedia for maps - a free editable map of the world, and anyone can add roads, bike paths and other geographic data to it. What a useful resource!
We thought, let's participate, parties like this could also become a good way to get people involved in our forthcoming Open Green Map, the social mapping website for sustainable communities (preview at  So we are pleased to provide the venue for NYC's first open mapping party, hosted by OpenStreetMap's initiator, Steve Coast, at our global office this weekend! Steve says:

Thank you for Opening the Door!

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Here at Green Map System, we're tickled pink to be among the 21 featured projects for N2Y3! Thanks much to all who voted for us and are already connecting to share ideas, resources and advice! This project is getting better, day by day, with your involvement.

Our work on this project really began in Fall 2007. Among other things, we floated a few different names out to the Green Map network. Open Green Map was their top choice, but we decided to test out a few other options, including My Green Map, as working names. As we used the different names, we watched the reactions.

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