Wireless Access for Health Project Works to Improve Public Health Care in the Philippines

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On June 22nd and 23rd Wireless Access for Health (WAH) announced the results of its first year piliot project at public events in Moncada and Makati, Philippines.

WAH is a broad public-private partnership in the Philippines that has succeeded in enhancing a locally developed electronic medical record system and introducing it into four rural health units in four different municipalities in Tarlac Province, Luzon. The enhanced system is capable of generating and transmitting all 23 reports required for the Philippine Field Health Service Information System (FHSIS) over the SMART 3G mobile phone network.

There is great enthusiasm and momentum amount the WAH partnership for scaling up this initiative in Tarlac Province, and then in other provinces in the region. Scale up activities are already underway.

Technical assistance and project implementation has been supported by a grant from the Qualcomm Wireless Reach initiative. Many other partners contributed significant resources, materials, and expertise to the project.

You can read the press release on the Qualcomm Wireless Reach website.

This amateur YouTube video captures some important moments from the WAH press conference in Makati, Philippines, on 23 June 2010.