Karen Armstrong Tole-rants about compassion. Vote for Tole-rants Connect for the 2010 FACT social justice challenge

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Voting is still open for the 2010 FACT Social Justice Challenge and Tole-rants Connect needs your help. Please spare a few moments and VOTE for 60 seconds of Hope.

The Tole-rants movement has garnered tremendous support in its inaugural year from partners such as The Council of Europe, The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, Search for Common Ground, Odyssey Networks, Youth Leader Magazine, and many other inspirational organizations.

This years list of tole-ranters includes notable names such as like: Rajmoha Gandhi, journalist, peacebuilder and Grandson of the great Mahatma Gandhi; Karen Armstrong, best selling author and founder of the Charter for Compassion movement; Sir Steve Redgrave, five time Olympic champion and philanthropist and a long list of social leaders, youth activists and socially conscious citizens, all sharing their passionate tole-rant solutions with the world.

Watch Karen Armstrongs fantastic Tole-rant on compassion here.

Please VOTE for us at Tole-rants Connect Get the word out to friends, family, work colleagues, and anyone with a passion for “Communicating Solutions” via twitter, facebook, word of mouth, whatever you can think of.