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Data Philanthropy

Global Philanthropy Data Charter

The Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaking Suppor (WINGS) along with the Foundation Center, conducted a series of consultations with international actors from the field to generate critical thinking about the magnitude and nature of the challenges of the philanthropy data landscape. This has now resulted in the Global Philanthropy Data Charter which was launched at WINGSForum 2014 in Istanbul and aims to support commitment to data on philanthropy and a philanthropic sector powered by good data to achieve greater impact.

Giving in Numbers

The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP), a CEO membership organization has drawn from CECP’s company-reported information from leading multi-national companies for this year’s annual Giving in Numbers report. This provides analysis and benchmarking data for corporate societal investment professionals seeking to compare, track, and assess the scope of their contributions initiatives.

Big Data

Big Data for Social Innovation

In SSIR post Kevin C. Desouza & Kendra L. Smith explain why nonprofits and other social benefit organizations lag behind the scientific and business communities in collecting and analyzing data. They say that social problems are messier, more dynamic and complex because of the number of stakeholders involved and the numerous feedback loops among inter-related components. They explains the Barriers that exist when creating and using big data as well as how nonprofits have begun to make good use of big data due to mobile phones and outlines 4 steps that can be taken to increase use of big data for social innovation.

Mobile Data Applied

Linking Humanitarian Organizations with Mobile Data Collection Tool Providers

Citing presentations given at a Humanitarian Operations Mobile Acquisition of Data (NOMAD) workshop, this Selleo post looks at how mobile solutions can be used by humanitarian and development practitioners and how mobile development collection tools can improve the delivery of humanitarian aid. It speaks about the most recent applications of mobile devices and software in some of the world’s most remote locations including those affected by conflict, hunger or natural disasters, which were presented by the solution providers during the NOMAD Workshop. These include Fusion developed by PSI Mobile, OpenXdata, Last Mile Mobile Solutions, the Humanitarian Data Toolkit, ViewWorld, Imogene, Global Emergency Overview, POIMapper, ArcGIS, WEPI and OASIS.

Data Visualisation

Best of the visualisation web… April 2014

Andy Kirk’s collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking web content in April 2014 on his Visualising Data blog.