Girls of Different abilities (disabilities) in ICT

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Girls of Different Abilities in ICTs is a project that will focus on ICT4D (ICTs for development) to empower girls that society labels as disabled which increases marginalization. But as M4C our project will help these girls in ICT training i.e. programming, computer hardware repairs, computer networking and many other ICT careers. Why we say “Different abilities” we believe their inability to walk, talk or see does not make them unable to do many other things like ICTS. By so doing we shall be helping them become productive members of society which eventually leads to national development.

ICT world over have been dominated by men, it is of late that we have seen a steady increase of women entering the profession but surprising there is still a huge gap for persons with disabilities most especially girls. I would like to commend Net2Zambia organizer Billy Mwape who has been helping Wency a deaf young vibrant man to learn CISCO. from where he has left off I believe we can take the program to girls with disabilities. Its for this reason that as a Net2 organizer and a supporter for ICT4D will be implement a project to empower girls with disabilities through training and mentorship.


To strengthen the capacity of Governments to support girls with disabilities to take up interest in ICT. Not only will this mean inclusion of the marginalized but it will also mean bridging the gap between men and women in ICTs.

Expected accomplishments:
Having girls with disabilities doing ICT activities e.g. Programming, computer hardware, Networking, Graphic design and many more. Why we say girls of different abilities and not girls with disabilities? For a long time may people with disabilities have been looked at to be incapable of doing many things. Society has focused on what many of these people cannot do but we have chosen to focus on what they can do and intend to help these girls discover even more of themselves through ICT. This will create a society that is more inclusive and aware of their abilities no matter how different they may be.

Long Term Accomplishment:
As a long term campaign it is expected that these girls will offer web development and mobile app development to local companies in Zambia that will need these services. On top of that with proper funding they will offer web hosting services. These activities will enable them earn an income to sustain themselves and families. The entire campaign is aimed at empowering girls with disabilities to be productive members of society and for society to view them as such and accord to them opportunities as well.