General Outreach Report From West Africa

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Thanks for the generous support from Techsoup l to accomplished this great mission here in West Africa, as part of my role as the NetSquared Ambassador. 

Below is the summary of the reach out activities in each city.

Buea, Cameroon

The reach out Beau was amazing, I stated by visiting some other tech communities like lectech Cameroon to enlighten them on the various mission and values of NetSquared and Techsoup Global 
They were all excited and anxious to be a part of the community  
They all had to join the University of Beau Meetup Platform in order to support the netsquared team over there in Beau They decided to form a strong force to combat the challenges in ICTs in this part of the country, so amazing 

The next brief and outstanding event was the building of the capacities of the leading team in Beau to take advantage of the challenges face by their communities on the change landscape provided by mobile communication and computer technology in this part of the world. They were all empowered and fortified to stand as great leaders in the Beau community 
We ended up by creating a WhatsApp group for the Beau community which we think it will be useful for direct and fast communication to every member of the Beau netsquared community 
I had to carry on some adjustment to reinforced the leadership team by changing the organizer for the group 
Frank Ndumfang Will be heading the group alongside with the organizing team. 

Limbe, Cameroon

Limbe was also very successful but the most challenging thing I face there was the inability to quickly get a reliable organizer who will run meetups in this part of the country on a normal bases 
I had to take days in order to successfully and comparatively get a reliable person for this mission 
I had to successfully meet Tawah Silvet a staff at tika foundation who is technologically minded to handle the activities for limbe , we had to immediately form the leadership team by getting other members involved. Within the process I also had to empower them by building their leadership capacity to run the meet up on regular basis.

Douala, Cameroon

The meeting in Douala was awesome, there, we also had to do some adjustment to reinforce the leadership team
ABRE Nkembou and Dora sender will be assisting us to run the meetup Douala
I will be going to Batibo on the 27th of July to  reach out to form a great team there too.
I will send you a report as soon as I am finished with the setup.
We are presently developing great projects and meetups for this Cameroon end we are already connected together on WhatsApp platform there I have the opportunity to immediately contact the organizers and asked about their challenges, and provide the necessary help they may be requesting.
I will also be suggesting meetups for the various communities in Cameroon, 
We are already forming a vibrant tech community here.

And that was Cameroon! I have been spending time with the other organizers from Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal ,Nigeria, Ghana, on WhatsApp and other social media like facebook, to ensure that that they succeed in their own missions.
I just recommended Francine from Burkina Faso by sending her a link to apply for educational call grant, I helped her to develop the project. It’s a project which is to build the capacity of 200,000 youth in Burkina Faso to used ICT to improve livelihood.

Presently am working hand-in-hand with the other organizers in the other countries to make sure that by the end of this year they most have tremendous success in their various countries for NetSquared.