NetSuite Product Donation Program

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Hello all! Thought the community might be interested in this donation opportunity (disclosure: I run the philanthropy program at NetSuite)

NetSuite has launched a pilot program to donate NetSuite software and NetSuite employee volunteer assistance to charities and for-profit firms that generate positive social impact. NetSuite ( is a public company with over 5,400 customers-- you might have seen NetSuite in the news recently for our Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Our software is a web-based platform for running all aspects of a business from ERP to CRM to ecommerce. It is a modern, flexible ERP/CRM/ecommerce platform so it can be customized and extended to meet a variety of needs. Special Olympics use NetSuite to manage 8,000 volunteers. Goodwill runs an ecommerce store selling donated computers. Canadian Food For the Hungry runs fundraising and child sponsorship programs. World of Good runs one of the largest fair trade companies on NetSuite. OliveSmart is working to eliminate the use of plastic bags.

We are also proud of the partners we have assembled to help us identify and effectively serve grantees-- groups like, NPower Michigan, NetSquared, the Tech Musuem Awards, and the Global Social Benefit Incubator.

Things our current customers use NetSuite for that might be relevant to potential grantees include:
- Running an ecommerce store.
- Organizational accounting / general ledger.
- Fundraising / donor & donation management.

We are looking for applicants that fit into one (or more) of three categories:
- Registered charities in the US, UK and Canada.
- Social Enterprises, especially fair trade organizations.
- Green Startups.

Competitive applicants will:
- Have the capacity to implement an ERP/CRM/ecommerce system.
- Be able to articulate and provide at least one metric for their social impact.
- Be a good match for NetSuite functionality.

We will be accepting applications from January 21 to March 21, 2008 with awards made on a rolling basis.
To learn more, download our guidelines, or apply for a product donation, visit
If you have questions, email