David Geilhufe, Program Manager, NetSuite.org

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I run NetSuite.org, the philanthropic arm of NetSuite Inc. Our priority is improving the back office technology infrastructure of charities and social enterprises through product donations, pro-bono service grants and social solutions ... our greatest social impact is helping our grantees expand and extend their social impact through better back-office operations.

 The assets we bring to collaborations are cloud-based back office technology (accounting, payroll, ERP, CRM, eCommerce, multi-subsidiary consolodation, PaaS), thousands of hours of pro-bono service grants from employees, partners and customers, and social solutions in areas as diverse as fundraising and carbon accounting.

Since our expertise (technology) is such a minor, yet critical, part of scaling an organization's social impact from the back office, we need collaborators to identify grantees that can benefit from our assets, collaborators that can do business process work and consulting, and collaborators that would build the social enterprise business models around delivering social solutions at scales (thousands of software instances to thousands of grantees/customers).


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