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David Geilhufe, Program Manager,

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I run, the philanthropic arm of NetSuite Inc. Our priority is improving the back office technology infrastructure of charities and social enterprises through product donations, pro-bono service grants and social solutions ... our greatest social impact is helping our grantees expand and extend their social impact through better back-office operations.

NetSuite Product Donation Program

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Hello all! Thought the community might be interested in this donation opportunity (disclosure: I run the philanthropy program at NetSuite)

NetSuite has launched a pilot program to donate NetSuite software and NetSuite employee volunteer assistance to charities and for-profit firms that generate positive social impact. NetSuite ( is a public company with over 5,400 customers-- you might have seen NetSuite in the news recently for our Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

David Geilhufe

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I'm happy to be a champion for I've been doing nonprofit technology stuff for awhile with CivicSpace and CiviCRM.
Looking forward to asking lots of questions and helping come up with great answers.

NTEN Email Survey-- take a moment

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Shape the big picture of the Certified Email Debate!  Help us discover how paying for email delivery would impact your organization and the sector by taking a brief survey:

AOL and Yahoo! have recently announced plans to utilize Goodmail's CertifiedEmail program. The announcement has generated controversy, both within the general Internet community and amongst nonprofit emailers. An Open Letter signed by groups including, Democracy in Action, and the EFF criticized the plan for creating a two-tiered Internet, with poorer service for those who did not pay the "email tax." An announcement by AOL that nonprofits would be offered free accreditation services did not end the protests. At the same time, organizations such as the American Red Cross have welcomed the Goodmail system as a way to avoid the phishing attacks and fraud in which well-known organiza tions such as the Red Cross have been targeted.

CivicSpace: Community Date on Maps-- on small part of a platform for Social Change

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What if you could present virtually any data easily on the web? So easily that your average nonprofit employee could just upload a data file and have all the technical details worked out for them?

Generate crime maps to talk about why the police need to spend time in your neighborhood.

Zack Rosen shows us how its done today:

Pretty easy, but not quite to the level of simplicity to be useful to tens of thousands of organizations. This is the type of ease of use we are seeking to build into CivicSpace On Deamand-- hide all the Drupal power and complexity.

NetSquared: Doing rather than thinking about doing

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Love Compumentor, their people and the whole basic idea behind NetSquared.

 And would like to pose a challenge: conferences and "Gala events" are to often about thinking rather than doing. I challenge the folks in this community to spend the next 196 days doing. And spend the conference and gala celebrating what has been done.

 I wrote a paper a bit ago talking about Web 2.0 Collaboration for Nonprofits. The basic thesis is that Web 2.0 Collaboration is about "Moving to a culture where the first question is “how can others leverage what I’m doing” rather than “how can I protect myself from other leveraging what I am doing.”

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