February Organizer Update: The Top Two Event Topics

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I've crunched the numbers for my quarterly report (watch the four minute video) and the two most popular event topics are:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Accessibility and Inclusion

Follow the links for event recipes and examples to help you host these topics in your own city.

Slides: An Introduction to TechSoup

TechSoup, the parent of the NetSquared network, has helped one million nonprofits save over 11 billion dollars. Help us tell the story and encourage more NGOs to create their free accounts with this 10 minute mini-presentation.

I've created slides and presenter notes to make it easy to open any meetup with a reminder about how TechSoup can help your members.

7 Tips for Growing a NetSquared Meetup

The power of the NetSquared network of organizers is that we're here to support each other. We build on each other's work and share best practices. Erica Woods, who has started TWO NetSquared-affiliated meetups, is sharing her tips for building a strong meetup on the TechSoup blog.

Let's help spread the word (and recruit new leaders while we have access to TechSoup's global audience!) by sharing the post on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


I host a @techsoup-affiliated #Tech4Good meetup and it's an amazing way to build community and grow your reputation.

Fellow organizer @ericawoodsgo shares 7 tips for growing a nonprofit tech group and challenges you to start your own. https://blog.techsoup.org/posts/7-tips-for-growing-a-nonprofit-technolog...


Want to start your own NetSquared #Tech4Good meetup? Apply now