Featured Project Update: NewsTrust

Claire Sale's picture

NewsTrust is a N2Y2 Featured Project that was created as a free online social news network to help people find and share good journalism. Three years later, NewsTrust is still helping people make more informed decisions through journalism and offers an integrated online service which includes a news filter, media literacy tools and a civic engagement network.

Recently, NewsTrust has been expanding its platform and over the next six months plans to run pilot programs for use of the following tools:

  • MyNews – a personal news-filtering tool
  • Local News Hunt – a rating system for local news
  • Global News Hunt – a rating system for international news
  • TrustNetworks – a community site for members and partners
  • TruthSquad – a community fact-checking service

Does this sound like something you'd like to learn more about? You can check out the NewsTrust site and give those new tools a try!