From Net² Cameroon to the Next Generation Leader of the Internet Society

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Dear Folks, this is just testimony to encourage you especially those that are discovering the Social web for the very first time and are still pondering on what the future might look like?

In august 2008, I googled  “social web for social change USA” and found the Netsquared network!

Little did I know that this network was going to change my life?

Gathering people in restaurants and conference halls to talk about the social web and its role in social development had no meaning in a context where people care more about what they have to eat the next day than how the community should look like in the nearest future.

Of course it was so challenging but still I had that passion for ICTs and this is what kept me going.

 In 2009, we had the first experience of a Net squared event in kribi then Douala in 2010 followed by Buea more than a year later.

  The numerous supports we received from Netsquared and Techsoup Global kept us going and today, the story has changed.

 The Internet Society ( ) launched a programme for the Next Generation Leaders of the Internet. I took the courage and applied. To my greatest surprise, I was selected amongst the privileged few to go through a six months training on the Internet Governance and other key issues related to the future of the Internet; from diplomacy to politics, business and civil society.

 Last Sunday we had a working session to design a new model for the Internet governance to be presented in Prague during the next ICANN summit. That experience was just terrific!

 I just want to take this opportunity to inform you guys that the Netsquared Network is taking us to places.

I am  lucky this time around, tomorrow might be your turn? Just keep on participating.

 Excel Asama

President & CEO,

I-Vission International

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