Australians looking to volunteer in a premier Peer to Peer fundraiser. Must be under 26.

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Live Below the Line is a fundraising and awareness campaign coming into it's fourth year in Australia. It is a peer to peer fundraiser run by the Oaktree Foundation to support the education projects we invest in throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The challenge is to live on $2 a day for your food and drink for 5 days, and get people to sponsor you for doing the challenge. In 2012 we raised just under $2 Million.

2013 will be out biggest and most exciting year yet. We're looking at recruiting a crack team of young volunteers with a range of skills and experiences. One of the positions is that of the Online Director (Position Description below)

If you are based in Australia, are under 26 years of age and want to come and be a part of the biggest and most exciting new peer to peer campaign going around, apply today!!!!!!

Our organisation is run by young volunteers under 26, so this would be a volunteer position. Perfect for anyone looking to supplement their studies or who wants to make a big impact on poverty in our region.