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Data Privacy

Web firms face a strict new set of privacy rules in Europe — here’s what to expect

The European Parliament has passed the EU’s first major overhaul of data protection legislation since 1995. MEPs also backed a resolution calling for the suspension of the Safe Harbor deal that lets U.S. firms self-certify as compliant with EU privacy law. The legislation asks for implementation of much higher fines for breaches of data protection law in the EU, the limited right for citizens to demand the erasure of their personal data, and strict limitations on what can be done with EU citizens’ data outside the EU union. The Parliament also passed a resolution setting forth its findings and recommendations regarding the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program.


Data for Philanthropy

SXSW: What Social Media Analytics and Data Can’t Tell You

Beth Kanter explains how social media analytics can help nonprofits by highlighting what panelists on the SXSW conference panel “What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You” discussed. She also points to research that found that more social media activities equals more first time donors even though social media continues to be an undervalued channel. She suggests letting go of the “slacktivism” theory; using use social media to engage and connect and capture contact information on donors as well as asks that nonprofits urge donors to post about you when they donate.


Developing a Culture of Knowledge Management

In this SSIR post Brad Smith discusses how transactional data, contextual data and impact data can be used to improve strategic philanthropy. He says that foundations should not only think about what kind of data they need but use the 3 types of data he identifies to develop a knowledge management culture that can support philanthropic efforts.


Mobile data

Stanford Offshoot Launches Omlet™, The World's First Open Platform For Mobile Sharing And Collaboration

Stanford has launched Omlet Chat, the world's first open mobile sharing and collaboration platform. It has been launched along with its creator MobiSocial. Omlet is a distributed open standard, social network platform that lets users own their data in their designated cloud repositories. It brings together communities, app developers, cloud services, and OEMs to create a new ecosystem that respects data privacy. MobiSocial also promises never to monetize users' data in any way.  


Data Visualisation

Visualisation Tools

Visualising Advocacy provides a guide for those looking for visualisation tools with reviews after testing how well they work. These reviews were originally posted on