Personalised video has you as hero ending global poverty!

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The Global Poverty Project have just released a personalised video using flash layers to put you in the middle of the story of ending global poverty. You can see it's native site at .

The two minute video makes you the hero who is praised by world leaders and celebrities for ending extreme poverty. After entering your name, you witness a news report of how the world is reacting to your amazing achievements. World leaders, celebrities and the public applaud your efforts in a series of funny, challenging and enlightening scenarios – including the revelation that aid agencies are closing for lack of work.

Global Poverty Project has used the power of social media to highlight our opportunity to end extreme poverty with this video that everyone should see. Ending extreme poverty won’t happen overnight, and it won’t be one single person who does it. It’s a global movement of millions of people like you – who over a generation can and are seeing an end to extreme poverty.

Be part of this globla movement! Check it out and share it with your friends!