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NetSquared Camp 2012: The Story

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The Net Tuesday Vancouver team got bored.

To keep from getting into trouble with the cops we've had to find ourselves a hobby.

After examining our options (rollerblading! stamp collecting! cricket!) we decided that our new hobby should be hosting unconferences, because what's more fun than gathering 75 of our best friends together to chat about how we can use this new-fangled internet thing to do good in the world?

And so NetSquared Camp 2012 was born!

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Vancouver meetup notes: Online tools for nonprofits speed date

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The April 3 2012 Net Tuesday Vancouver was a "speed date" (think Pecha Kucha or Ignite format) which crowd-sourced practical tools and tips that can help nonprofits GET THINGS DONE. The event was organized by Darian Kovacs and the rest of the organizing team.

Stalwart social media volunteer Kelvin (KC) Claveria documented the event on Twitter using our #ntvan hashtag. I organized and bundled up the tweets using Storify. Enjoy.

NetSquared Camp Vancouver 2012

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What is NetSquared Camp?

NetSquared Camp is a daylong unconference put on by the friendly folks that host the monthly Net Tuesday meetups in Vancouver.  Net Tuesday brings together social media users and web innovators with social change makers and nonprofits to swap stories, mix ideas, and build new relationships.  The aim is to empower non-profits with emerging tools, trends, and best-practices, allowing them to fulfill their mission statements in new and innovative ways.

Event summary: Network organizations create better online campaigns

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The February Net Tuesday was epic! We were forced to upgrade our venue because we sold out twice, and then we had our founder Joe Solomon make a last-minute appearance from San Francisco.

Huge thanks to Jason Mogus (Communicopia) for presenting his thoughts on an alternative model for building movement organizations, and to guest stars Joe Solomon (vagabond!) and Reilly Yeo (OpenMedia.ca) for their stories.

NetSquared Camp Vancouver: April 28 2012

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NetSquared logoNet Tuesday Vancouver is excited to announce NetSquared Camp 2012, an intimate gathering of Vancouver’s online campaigners. This unconference will be a chance for our community to gather and share our hard-won best practices, war stories, and victories!

The event will be held at The Hive on Saturday, April 28 and admission is $20.

Net Tuesday Vancouver meetup - Managing volunteers with software and soft skills

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Volunteers are awesome. So the July 5 Net Tuesday is gonna focus on volunteer coordination.

Volunteers are awesome, but the relationship between a nonprofit and a volunteer can be tricky.

VOLUNTEERS: Maybe the nonprofit never got back to you? Maybe the job they offered kinda sucked?

VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS: Are your volunteers creating a ridiculous pile of administrative paperwork and overhead? Can you find volunteers with the right skills? Why is this so hard?

Net Tuesday can't solve all your volunteer-related challenges. We aren't MAGIC. But we've got a few tricks up our sleeves that might help. Check this out:

Net Tuesday Vancouver March 1: Location-Based Services

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RSVP on Facebook or Meetup.com

Have you recently “checked-in” or fought for “mayorship” at your favourite restaurant or retail location? With Facebook recently launching its Facebook Places and Foursquare partnering with (RED), location-based services are definitely one of the trending topics in social media right now.

The topic for March is location-based services and how organizations can leverage the technology for social-change. We’re still in the process of curating speakers, so if you know anyone who is knowledgeable about these topics, please let us know at melody.yy.ma@gmail.com


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