NetSquared Camps 2012

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Net2Camp Vancouver-4

NetSquared Local organizers are expert event planners, so it should come as no surprise that when we asked them to submit proposals for unconference-style NetSquared Camps they come up with a set of creative ideas. We asked for proposals that supported the summer launch of the new NetSquared platform, offered a chance for regional organizers to meet face-to-face and helped create participant-driven events.

With the support of the Regional Gathering Fund NetSquared is thrilled to announce that eight groups of local organizers will be hosting events across the globe between August and October 2012. LOTS more details to come, but in the meantime let me whet your appetite with a taste of the winning proposals.

Australia and New Zealand

Team: Ben Teoh (Adelaide); Richenda Ghebrial-Ibrahim (Melbourne);
Lindsey Talerico-Hedren (Auckland); Stephen Blyth (Wellington)

The Australian and New Zealand crew will hold two events. A NetSquared Regional Leaders' Summit modeled on the Global Leadership Council in August and a NetSquared Regional Virtual Camp in the fall.

Cameroon and Nigeria

Team: Asama (Excel) Abel (Douala); Micah Daniel Anagho (Buéa); Nwiepe-Festus Patience (Port Harcourt)

The Netsquared Regional Conference for Cameroon and Nigeria is a multi-stakeholder event that will bring together actors from local Netsquared groups, Internet Society, civil society, diplomatic institutions, government and the tech world to discuss issues related to the social web and non-governmental diplomacy. Citizens from eighbonring countries Cameroon, Nigeria and the Central African Republic will seek to to resolve the following challenges over two days:

  • The difficulties faced in introducing the social web for social development in the sub region
  • The lack of confidence between diplomatic institutions and civil society organizations, and difficulties in mobilizing local sponsors
  • The new dawn of the Internet and the way forward
  • Low access to the Internet
  • Cross-border collaboration issues


Team: Steven Flower (Manchester); Camilla Burg (Paris); Mel Findlater (Cambridge); Aysegul Guzel (Istanbul);Bojana Sekeljic (Belgrade); Piotrek (Warsaw) and more!

Our European friends envision a three-part event:

  • The Journey - organizers will gather together on a train as they make their way to France. They will connect and share knowledge as they ride the rails.
  • The Exchange - organisers meet to discuss and develop content, formats and tools to deliver NetSquared locally
  • The Conversation - organizers hold a special NetSquared event for other people to meet organisers. This would be a conversation-based format, so that people have time and space to talk and learn.


Team: Maria Zaghi (Guatamala City); Jorge Lopez Bachiller (Patzun); Aimee Moir (Quetzaltenango); Julio Coronado (Esquipulas)

After holding more than 43 meetups in Guatamala City, organizer Maria Zaghi plans to invite rural dwellers to a national NetSquared Camp. They are planning to have conferences, a Geek Camp (for developers with social projects and technology) and also a startup seminar for entrepreneurs with social projects and technology.

Hawaii, USA

Team: Arthur Grau (Honolulu)

Arthur plans to connect the Hawaii NetSquared group with their peers on the pacific rim, hosting local hackathons and streaming events over the course of three months.

Louisiana, USA

Team: Jessica Rohloff (New Orleans); Megan Hargroder (New Orleans); Adele Tiblier (New Orleans); Mike Baldwin (Lafayette)

NetSquared New Orleans proposes to host a BarCamp-style unconference event, in partnership with existing (and prospective!) NetSquared Local groups in the region. The event will showcase the various expertise of their members, with the goal of helping local social change organizations learn from us so they can be more effective in pursuing their goals. The event will feature an unconference day, followed by a "hack day", where participants put their many and varied skills to work, either helping an existing project get to the next level, or perhaps launching new projects based on the interest of attendees.

Ontario, Canada

Team: Tierney Smith (Toronto)

The Toronto Net Tuesday team will hold a NetSquared Camp bringing together the Toronto social change & tech community. They will also be inviting social tech leaders from the region to attend, with the intention of recruiting them to become NetSquared Local organizers.

Vermont, USA

Team: Amanda Levinson (Burlington); Rob Williams (Mad River Valley); Joe Solomon

Team Vermont will hold “Social Media For Change Mobile Tour -- Helping People, Nonprofits, and Communities Use Social Media to Make Vermont and the World a Better Place". They will visit the communities of Burlington, Brattleboro, Middlebury and Montpelier hosting social media trainings while assessing the needs and interests of local communities around the state.