Meet Eli, your new community curator

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Photos by Brooke McDonald

Hi! My name’s Eli, and I’ll be your community curator for the summer. I’ll be filling the role held by the fabulous Clare Sale who, along with Anka and Marc have been championing the work of the 50+ NetSquared Local organizers. My primary responsibility is to help you make your local events a success, so tell me what you need!

Who is Eli?
I’m a community addict who is most happy when I’m in service to a group that has voluntarily formed because of a shared passion. That’s my fix! :-) Because what could be better than working with people who are so excited about a project that you don’t even have to pay them?

I’ve been the NetSquared Local organizer in Vancouver, BC for the last three years, where I helped grow the group to 1,000 members. During this time, my day gig was the Online and Creative Services lead for the David Suzuki Foundation, an environmental nonprofit. I began my career working for outdoor festivals coordinating large volunteer teams as they assembled, maintained, and then dismantled tent cities.

I’m VERY excited to to be serving as the community curator because I get to combine the skill sets I’ve developed over the last twelve years: volunteer coordination, event management, and online community building.

Stay tuned for more soon!