A BIG Thank You from Ushahidi

NetSquared's picture

We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who attended the NetSquared conference and for NetSquared for making this whole thing possible. David, Ory, Juliana and myself are absolutely stunned and ecstatic about what this win will let us do.

More than the financial support, we were moved by the validation we got from the community through this prize. Sometimes you can think you're a little crazy, tilting at windmills on your way to changing the world, so this means a lot.

When moved to build Ushahidi earlier this year, I wrote:

"A digitally connected world not only grants us a front row seat to the rest of the world, but also the power to influence events and create change in a way that was impossible just a few short decades ago. So, events that may occur thousands of miles away are in fact - quite literally - in our digital backyard. Which makes it a lot harder to just sit back and watch."

What I saw here at the NetSquared conference was just that. The convergence of globalization, social change activists and the web. It's inspiring and humbling to be amongst other great visionaries and innovators.

Again, thank you so much for your support, and we hope to show you amazing results in just a few months.

If you would like to stay connected, you can find us at the Ushahidi Facebook group, the Ushahidi blog, or Ushahidi Twitter.