A little nervously dives in at the deep end...

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(splash) - well at least the waters not too cold :-)

While packing for this journey I posted a few reservations about bloging in the TechSoup Town Hall (kind of an insurance policy in case I find the water a bit too deep). I tried to put a link here to the TechSoup post but this blog doesn't want to accept standard html tags (? - first lesson when travelling I guess... learn the road rules!) 

Marnie kindly moved the post to a new discussion thread - no replies yet but looking forward to reading other people's views and hopefully generating a worthwhile discussion.

Feels kind of strange to be writing just for the heck of it (wonder if anyone will ever read these words?)

Something interesting just happened - I clicked "preview" to see what this post would look like, and was reminded how a summary is provided for "export for syndication" - wonder what this means? (a little road off to the left may be worth exploring later)

Not every journey has a reason, but I'm having a hard time at the moment coming to grips to with the enormity of the technology response to Katrina (web sites and more web sites all trying to help but so many they are just tripping over each other) - need to walk for a few miles and chat with any locals I meet to help clear the mind and think it all through...

The news today was about 30,000 + people killed in the sub-continent earthquake. Last night I watched a documentary on northern India, and could only wonder at a place where on average 1,000 people die, 30,000 are dislocated, and about 1,600 emergency refuge camps are constructed every year just because of monsoon flooding. It's like the death figures from aids in Africa. So overwhelming. I'm presently working with a tech group in Sri Lanka who formed following the death of tens-of-thousands after the Tsunami. Trying to help. Everyone is trying to help.

I like the way the US tech community rallied after Katrina; disapointed and saddened that it took Katrina to make it happen when the emergency community have been trying to rally this support for years. Sometims none of us are very good at looking beyond our own backyards. This is why I want to chat with a few locals. What does everyone else think? Can Net2 (still not sure what that means but I like the catchy acronym), offer any benefits for the few billion people still lacking any form of net connectivity? How fast do we move? (just how far do we want to leave everyone else behind?)  

Well, if a blog is a journey I've just taken the first step. It's all new. Hope to stop and have a few chats with interesting people along the way.