Docker and NetSquared Meetups - Opportunities for Collaboration

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We’re writing with an introduction to connect the Docker and NetSquared #Tech4Good meetups. We’re both global networks dedicated to building tech capacity for our members, so wouldn’t it be cool if we could bring our communities for a big event?

Why Meeting is Totally Worth Your Time
Coming up with an event idea every month is hard! Let’s collaborate on a joint event.
We need all the allies we can get! 

NetSquared + Docker Bday 
Docker groups partner with NetSquared local organizers to bring nonprofit and tech for good attendees to the Docker Bday #4 celebration event series. This is a fabulous way for Docker groups to build their reach and for NetSquared groups to strengthen their tech skills. Together we’ll  brainstorm / learn from Docker mentors how Docker can solve technical challenges of nonprofits. Empower Docker meetup attendees to join forces with an allied group working on technology for social good.

How NetSquared can Help Docker
NetSquared has gathered a community of technology-minded nonprofits, activists and entrepreneurs. They can help Docker by:

  • Bringing our membership of technology-minded nonprofits to Docker events 
  • Connecting Docker experts with potential nonprofit clients

Docker can Help NetSquared
Docker can help NetSquared by:

  • Providing a venue for NetSquared meetups
  • Access to experts who can offer case studies demonstrating how they’re using tech for social good
  • Opening their communities of technology experts to Netsquared chapter members
  • Provide a DockerCon discount to NetSquared community members

Thanks for considering this opportunity and happy connecting! We can't wait to see what comes next.

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Victor and Elijah