The faces of those we help - Disaster Medical

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Victim of famine/malnutrition/starvation in Bangladesh


Victim of Malaria in Mozambique


Earthquake Injury - Colombia


Homeless / Famine - India


Tsunami victim - India


The haunting eyes of this Kosovo War orphan stay with us as we know her entire family was killed and now she faces life as an orphan of war. - Albania


Orphaned by HIV/AIDS - India


Elderly woman left homeless and alone following earthquake - Colombia


HELP's mobile medical clinic hit the streets of Armenia Colombia following massive earthquake


Wandering streets following earthquake - (parents alive?) - Colombia


Elephantiasis - India


Fluid build up on the Brain - Bangladesh


Earthquake victim - Colombia


Orphans we provide medical food and shelter support for - India


Tsunami relief camp - 1200 grass huts - Operating there since shortly after Dec 2004 tsunami and still there to this day. Chronic disease, malnutrition and deplorable conditions.


Children wait while we purify their water supply on island 8 miles off the coast of El Salvador following massive earthquake that killed 1500 in one neighborhood alone.


Tropical skin disease in earthquake relief camp - Colombia


More of the same


Hundreds treated in one day at mobile tsunami relief telemedicine clinic - India


Earthquake victim - One of 3 million left homeless after earthquake in Turkey 1999. There were also 45,000 dead and 150,000 injured. Mobile medical clinics in this type of scenario are the only help most of these people will find.


Entire family killed in front of him - all trapped in their fallen house for days following earthquake. - He survived days, all the time looking at his family before he was finally found - Turkey


Starvation - Bangladesh


HIV/AIDS Orphan in Mozambique. One of 400 children we assisted in one orphanage, many of whom were found scavenging for food in the local city dump. HELP was there.




These photos come from our HELP mobile medical clinic projects in India, Bangladesh, Turkey, El Salvador, Albania, Africa and Colombia. We have literally thousands more of these types of photos, and each one tells a long story of pain and suffering. Yet with our help, they also tell a story of hope and healing. With your help, we can touch many more lives and this can grow to a much higher level of effectiveness and empowerment. With your help we can relieve more pain and suffering and save more lives.

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