NetSquared: Reinventing Nonprofit Technology Online

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"Net² is an invitation into the marvelous, messy world of the Internet as a participatory, interactive community: a community created by its users....We don't know exactly what the Net² community will look like, or how it will change the face of the non-profit web. What we do know is that both the online and offline work of every non-profit can be enhanced by a dynamic online community in which organizations and users support one another. And we know that the creativity and commitment of the non-profit world is crucial to achieving the creative and community potential of the Internet itself."

This is the NetSquared call to action from the good folks at CompuMentor. They have brought us wonderful resources such as TechSoup, TechSoup Stock, TechCommons, and ConsultantCommons - and are now counting the days until the NetSquared conference in April 2006.

I was particularly pleased when Marnie Webb of CompuMentor commissioned me to come up with a collection of case studies for the NetSquared project. Since I already spend a fair amount of time blogging about internet-based communities, tools, and projects that are of interest to nonprofit organizations, this seems like a consulting assignment that is almost too good to be true.

Although I'm starting out with a list of projects that will make good case studies, I'm hoping that readers of my blog will enter into the spirit of the occasion. Please feel free to be in touch and let me know about internet-based initiatives that are enabling nonprofit organizations to take their missions to new levels.

This article was originally posted to my personal blog about "Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector."

Full disclosure of financial relationship: I am working as a consultant on the NetSquared project, but this expression of enthusiasm was not requested, endorsed by, or underwritten by CompuMentor.