The Dream of an Open Source Web-Based Database

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I have a delightful client who dreams of an entirely open source web-based version of the Organizers Database.  (The current version, which has many avid fans, is open source, but runs on a Microsoft Access platform, which is proprietary software.)

So one of my tasks as a Cyber-Yenta is to do a little footwork, and see whether an entirely open source web-based version is possible.  I'm enjoying this - partly because the technical requirements for such a project are far over my head, and I like the challenge - and partly because it's given me an excuse to brainstorm with a several colleagues in the field of nonprofit technology that I respect deeply.

Everyone I've talked to thus far has been very friendly and very willing to serve as an advisor for such a project.  I gather that what we have here is a consummation devoutly to be wished.  At the same time, these friendly advisors have prognostications that range from "impossible" to "inevitable."

I would be very grateful to hear from readers of this blog who have thoughts on whether this is a goal that is both realistic and worth attaining.


This article was originally posted to my personal blog about "Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector."