DataViva, GovLab Academy, Crowd Data, Big Data Ethics Council & Chinese Open Data Platform #DataDigest

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This week check out DataViva, a great new data visualization tool for Brazil, find the correlation between Big Data and Crowd Data and learn about the Data Module at the GovLab Academy. China's first open government data portal is also launched and an ethics committee for Big Data is formed.

Open Data Applied

A Brazilian State Takes Open Data To Another Level

Minas Gerais, a Brazilian state has just launched a new data visualization tool called DataViva which contains more than 100 million interactive visualisations. It aims to help government officials, the private sector and Brazilian citizens understand big data and covers all of the Brazilian formal economy. It plans to not only open public data but also support discussions based on the views that emerge from the data.


Big Data Applied

Digital Futures: Why 'Crowd Data' will power the world

Likening Crowd Data to Big Data in this video 3 global data professionals from MIT, the World Economic Forum and MastedonC talk about how data can help to improve the world we live in by helping us to make better, faster decisions.


Open Data Education

NEW: Open Data 101 at the GovLab Academy

The GovLab Academy supported by the Knight Foundation has just been launched by The GovLab. It provides a learning hub for new governance models by using video, traditional resources, and online tools. One of its learning modules covers Data in all its forms – including Big Data, Linked Data, Personal Data, Urban Analytics and Smart Disclosure. It also provides literature, a toolbox, and suggested activities for exploring and going more into depth with Open Data.


Big Data Ethics

The ethics of Big Data: A council forms to help researchers avoid pratfalls

Researchers and academics are forming The Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society to analyze legal, ethical, and political considerations of Big Data angles in response to a request from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for innovative big data projects. 2 Microsoft researchers and  professors from the University of California and New York University will co-direct the council, with involvement from NSF. It will convene next year.


New Open Data Platforms

China’s smart city launches open data platform

The Chinese government has released its first open platform 爱城市(which literally means ‘Love City’) in Qingdao - a major city in Eastern China with a population of 8.7 million. This portal features five key sections, namely ‘Government Services’, ‘Living Services’, ‘City Sound’, ‘Application Centre’ and ‘City E-Services’. Under ‘Living Services’ and the ‘Application Centre’, users can access online services and obtain information on health, education, traffic, social, security, utilities, tourism and more. For example, residents can download apps to track air quality, make appointments at hospitals, or make personal tax enquiries.