Coronavirus: Caring for the #SFTech4Good Community

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Of course, I'd love to be in the middle of planning the next in-person events. It became clear in late February that the viral threat was growing exponentially and planning for the March event was officially canceled on March 3rd. I always love it when an event comes together with a room full of enthusiastic people who are there to network and learn. Now the health and safety of this community, the Bay Area, our country, and the world take precedence. This is a reminder to us all about how connected we are.

I'm looking into ways to smoothly and efficiently move SFTech4Good events online. I'll start experimenting with different types of events, so please stay tuned. Please be patient too. We're all dealing with a lot, and I don't want to add unnecessary messages to your inboxes and social feeds.

I do want to thank TechSoup because they moved quickly to give all NetSquared groups access to Zoom.

The show will go on, so if you know people or orgs who would be great guests for virtual meetups, please reach out to me. Also, if you know anyone you'd think would be interested in being part of the SFTech4Good community, feel free to forward this email to them. This is the link to sign up for the newsletter, and this is the link to join on Meetup to get event info.

Continue reading for resources and jobs.

Most importantly, please stay safe!

Regina Walton

SFTech4Good, Director


San Francisco Shelter-in-Place Order

There are shelter-in-place orders Bay Area-wide. This is not a comprehensive list, but here are some FAQs from a handful of local counties:

Corporate Goodwill Efforts During the Coronavirus Outbreak

This is a list of companies that are going above and beyond during this time:

It continues to grow, so the document is open to editing by the public.

If you know of similar situations with other companies that are providing goods or services beyond their normal cadence or cost? Please add them to this list. Thanks to Scott Monty for sharing this on LinkedIn.

From CivicMakers: How to Get Economic Help in California and, tomorrow, March 20th an Online Community Gathering
Civic Makers has put together a list of economic relief resources to help individuals and/or businesses that may be struggling.

Find it here.

They're also having an Online Community Gathering tomorrow, March 20th, at 11 am PST. 

Find info and RSVP here.

Facebook Small Business Grants Program
Facebook is offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits for up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries to help businesses keep going during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Follow this link for more info.

For Educators: Teacher and District Learning Resources from Newsela
Newsela, a leading K-12 platform for online/digital education, is offering its platform for free to teachers and districts.

Visit their coronavirus resource center, click “Get instant access”, and you’ll immediately see Newsela ELA, Newsela Science, Newsela Social Studies, and the Newsela Social-Emotional Learning Collection

For Freelancers: What freelancers need to know about coronavirus
I joined the Freelancers Union when I lived in NYC and was working primarily as a consultant helping businesses with their marketing and communications. I've stayed on their list, and they've pushed this blog with resources and information for freelancers.

Find the post here.'s 2nd Nonprofit Trends Report
Find's 2nd Edition Nonprofit Trends Report here.

Jobs and Bootcamps/Incubators


Celo Camp by Upright
Celo Camp is a virtual boot camp for startups building apps on the Celo blockchain.

Learn more and apply here.'s Job Board

Launch With GS Black and Latinx Entrepreneur Cohort
This is a customized and virtual 8-week experience that provides an opportunity to access the best of Goldman Sachs – from industry experts to influential networks – while building relationships with investors during the evolving business landscape.

More info and application link here. Mid-Market Sales Director, dedicated to leveraging our people and product powers for social good. Note from the inside: ignore the Austin part. They're flexible on that point.

Find the listing here.

Recidiviz is Hiring!
Recidiviz is a non-profit technology company based in San Francisco, CA. They build common, open-source technical infrastructure to help the criminal justice system end mass incarceration and focus on ongoing iteration towards better outcomes (both for the public and the individuals in the system).

Criminal justice data today is inefficient and ineffective: researchers, advocates, policymakers and practitioners each need funding and time for data collection and cleaning (for almost any data at all), and most data collected is too stale by the time it’s compiled to be useful.

Recidiviz has built an open-source platform to ingest data from across data silos, link it, standardize it, and expose it in usable formats to the ecosystem. We’re building some of our own interventions on top of this platform and working with other NGOs to use it to power research at scale, inform agency decision-making, motivate policy changes and monitor their impact.

Find their open roles here.

For all of these, good luck if you apply!

Again, thanks to SFTech4Good's sponsor, TechSoup.

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