My first case study and blog musings

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I created my first case study here on Net2 last night. It's just a short description of my podcast and a little about why/how I produce the show. I really enjoyed the process of having to think of a concise way to sum up what is often a very organic and changing project for me. I'm looking forward to finding other topics that would make good case studies.

I'm excited to see that people are beginning to contribute content to the Net2 site. It really is starting to shape into the vision that the people with TechSoup/CompuMentor had in mind! Britt Bravo, the Community Builder of NetSquared, is doing an awesome job! She is encouraging and excited to find new content to share with others. She's a great example of the axiom that the success of a team project is built upon the accomplishments of individuals.

On another note, I've been wondering if I would/could actually have a use for the blog space provided here on NetSqaured. Of course I have an RSS feed for my podcast already, but several people have suggested that I begin a blog to compliment the audio content that I'm producing. This would give people an opportunity to scan content before listening to the mp3s and give me a place to sketch out ideas and information before including it in a podcast show. Maybe the Net2 blog would work? I also recently signed up for a Wordpress account after they opened their doors to the public several weeks ago. More than anything else, I suppose I'm contemplating how posting blog entries will fit in with my existing commitments and projects throughout each day?