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Google Plus Share We’re connecting with you on a bunch of social networks already, but that’s not enough for our hungry selves! We want to meet you where you’re hanging out these days, and we’ve seen quite a few of you on Google Plus. Knowing that our audience likes to connect with us in various spaces around the web and following the lead of Net2 Local groups in Northern Virginia and Chicago, we created a Google+ Page for NetSquared.

In early November, Google launched Pages for Google+. This tool enables organizations and companies to create dedicated profiles for connecting directly with their communities. Whether you are a Google+ user or just curious about the new space, we hope you’ll check out the NetSquared Page, add it to your circles, and let us know what you think of our efforts with the space.

As with any new online space, we don’t yet know where it will go or whether it will prove to be a useful tool for the community. Maybe it’ll end up sad and forgotten or maybe it’ll displace Facebook - who knows! Over the next 90 days, we plan to integrate Google+ into our online community activities and work to improve the space continually based on your feedback. After that initial three-month period, we’ll work with you to evaluate the success/usefulness of a NetSquared Page on Google+, report back to you about our findings, and share our lessons learned and plans for our future use of Google+. Sound like a plan?

And, in an effort to share our resources and lessons learned in an ongoing way, we wanted to post about a few blog posts we found useful in the planning and approvals process:

Will you be joining us on Google+? Why or why not?


Image credit: Google - Share for Businesses.