Collaborate on Social Change Ideas with Change Connections

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Change Connections LogoMany of us in the NPTech and 4Change communities have ideas that can spark real social change. We see problems and envision solutions, but we also see the need to collaborate on these solutions as we realize them. That's where Change Connections comes in. Launched yesterday by Nokia and The Feast, Change Connections is an open forum that offers a space to exchange, connect and collaborate on ideas for social good and to foster thinking around groundbreaking social innovation.  It explores the potential for new connections and innovation in communication technology to make the world a better place.

How Change Connections Works

The platform’s opportunities for ideation are structured around five key themes -- Livelihood, Learning, Health, Advocacy and Resilience. Under each theme, changemakers can post an idea and others can collaborate by commenting on or "liking" ideas. Ideas with more activity are given more clout. Besides idea incubation, the site also features quotes from a series of more than 40 expert interviews, case studies of existing work and soon, a connections section for new methods of ideating.

Get Collaborating!

  • Post an idea: Change Connections is welcoming any idea to be posted as long as it solves a social problem in one of the five categories listed above. 
  • Comment on an idea: Take a look through the existing ideas and comment on ideas that you can collaborate on.