TechSoup Webinar: Microsoft Donation Program Licensing and Benefits

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Microsoft donates a broad range of software to nonprofits and libraries through TechSoup, and we want to help you take advantage of these donations. But who has the time to be an expert?

We do! TechSoup Talks has organized this special webinar to sort through what types of software are available, as well as additional nonprofit resources offered through Microsoft’s donation program. We will also go over some benefits automatically included with all Microsoft software donations, including the ability to download donated software, the opportunity to upgrade for free to new versions of software as they come out, and access to free e-learning courses for Microsoft products.


Kami Griffiths will interview Sarah Hiller from Microsoft Community Affairs, who will help us understand the benefits available through their donation program and show us around the resources available in their Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). We will also hear from TechSoup’s Cameron Jones and Gregory Seeley, who will outline what Microsoft products are available through TechSoup and how to best find what you’re looking for.


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