Submit Your Questions for the GLC

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As Vanessa shared previously, the Global Leadership Council will be in San Francisco for the next week sharing their experiences and expertise in ways that help to foster programing, events, and growth associated with the NetSquared Local groups. As part of their time here, we’ll be hosting an interactive session that we’d like to invite you to participate in. 

Here’s the deal...

Ask Away!

We need your help to ensure that we are problem solving around issues that are important to you. What would you like to know about the GLC members, the San Francisco GLC Program, or NetSquared? What can we do to improve NetSquared’s to value to you?

We want to hear from you during the San Francisco program as we discuss how to improve NetSquared programming and the greater network. If you were in the room, what would ask this group of NetSquared leaders? What would you want them to consider?

A few examples:






Here's What We Need From You: 

  1. Please submit questions via your Twitter account that you would like the GLC members to answer during the retreat using the hashtag #net2glc.  
  2. Attend our livetweet and backchannel of the in-person Q&A session.

How Do I Submit a Question?

Submit your questions on Twitter and be sure to tag them #net2glc. If you’re not a twitter user, and have a question email it to Please post your questions by noon pacific time on Wed. the 28th.

The Net2 HQ team put a few questions to the GLC to get things started (examples above). We hope you’ll add your own to the conversation!

How Do I Hear the Answers?

Participate in the the livetweet and backchannel of the in-person Q&A session. On Friday March 30th from 2:30-4:30pm PST, join us to discuss the questions on twitter. To participate, login to your twitter account and go to

We don’t anticipate having the time to answer every question in real time, but we’ll be sure to share all of them via our blog after the event to ensure that each one can be discussed and debated online.