An Ode to Our Longest Running Net2 Local Organizers

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Ed and Katie at one of their first Net2 events, with event speaker Mena Trott (center)We recently got word from our beloved organizers at Net2 Local in Houston that they need to hand off the organizer baton. Having spent 6 years hosting monthly networking events, they are our longest-running Net2 Local community organizers. Like all of the other Net2 Local organizers around the world, we feel so lucky to work with them to help spread the knowledge, networking, and fun, around using technology for social change. 

To Katie, Ed, and the entire Shipul Team: Thank you for all that you have done for the social innovation community in Houston and around the world. As our Co-CEO, Marnie Web put it “I totally understand the need for change but, dammit, we're going to miss having you two so engaged in the Net2 Local in Houston.” You’ve always performed above and beyond our expectations and have helped countless people make the connections they need to make a difference in the world. 

An Ode to the Houston Organizers

Since December two-thousand-and-five
You’ve helped #nptech in Houston survive

By all accounts the events were #winning
Now new organizers are just beginning

Together, we’ll keep Net2 Houston Alive

Well, I’m really not a poet. But I sure hope it made you laugh!

Big virtual hugs from the Net2 HQ team to the entire Net2 Houston past, present, and future team. Congrats on all you’ve accomplished and a massive thanks for all that you’ve done. We look forward to keeping Net2 in Houston going strong!





  • First photo captionEd and Katie at one of their first Net2 events, with event speaker Mena Trott (center)
  • Second photo caption: Attendees at the most recent Net2 Houston event, December 2012. See more.